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New episode tomorrow!
abates wrote in rescue_bots
I hope everyone is excited for the return of Rescue Bots!

Under the cut you'll find the titles and descriptions of the next four upcoming episodes:

June 9: Small Blessings
The Rescue Bots are accidentally shrunk and the Burns family must work without their partners.

June 16: The Griffin Rock Triangle
Cody finds a clue to an old mystery and makes a startling underwater discovery.

June 23: Rules and Regulations
The Rescue Bots disobey the Chief's orders and find themselves in a life-threatening situation.

June 30: The Lost Bell
A storm strands Cody on a deserted island where they find a pirate ship that holds the key to a mystery.

So it looks like there's going to be a plot arc involving a nautical mystery - intriguing!

Edit: And another one just in, which doesn't yet have a description but has a very interesting title:
July 7: Bumblebee to the Rescue

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I missed the one last Sat. ;n; They look good and I love watching the show. I will have to see if itunes has it. All the new ones look interesting however july 7th I really can't wait to see.

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