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Hi; I come bearing fic :D
Blades - cute
fly_buggy_fly wrote in rescue_bots
Hello~ I know this comm is kinda small and quiet, but some of you are not on my flist, so I thought I'd share...

I come to you with gifts of fic X3

Title: As Society Dictates
Word count: 1948
Status: Complete
Rating: G
Continuity: Rescue Bots
Character(s): Mainly Chase and Blades, with mentions of everybody else.
Summary: After a chain reaction of disasters that's kinda sorta maybe Blades' fault, Chase attempts to cheer him up. It doesn't go as badly as one might think.
Notes: Plot bunny struck. I ran with it.

This takes place sometimes after the events of "The Lost Bell."

The title was supposed to be part of Chase's dialogue but never made it in. I liked it anyway, so it remained the title.

Shipping if you squint. It's not meant to be shippy, but...I ship it.


Though it was entirely the fault of the puffin, Blades –naturally- blamed himself.

Title: Off the Record
Word count: 2682
Status: Complete
Rating: G
Continuity: Rescue Bots
Character(s): Dani, Blades/Chase
Summary: “Dani.” He nodded minutely, “We were not expecting you home until later.” He sounded as if that simple statement should have explained everything about why they were cuddled together.
Notes: Shipping, definitely. It's just so gosh darn cute!

(The day had started off normal enough, only to veer off in strange and unusual directions when it was drawing to a close.)


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