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rescue_bots's Journal

Transformers: Rescue Bots
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This fan community is a community for fans of the Hub's newest Transformers series, Rescue Bots.

· Transformers: Rescue Bots ·

1. Respect your fellow users. We don't tolerate drama. No name calling, personal arguments, flame-baiting fellow community members, etc... This is not the place to it. Please keep all language uses PG related. We are an open-aged non-restricted community. We are here for you guys.

2. This series is for Transformers: Rescue Bots series only. I know many of you are original Transformers fans or any other continuity, but this community is ONLY for Rescue Bots.

3. No X-rated or R-rated fan art/material is allowed. We are a PG related community. Rescue Bots is a KIDS show after all.

4. No spam will be tolerated. I know you know what spam is. Don't do it. There will be no tolerance or warnings for people who spam the community.

5. Advertising: Please get permission from one or both moderators before posting. As long as it's related to the Rescue Bots in some type or form, we may approve what you are advertising. I can tell you right now, we will not approve of any multi-fandom based rpgs. Sorry, I don't dig them. If you wish to be affiliated with us by advertising your community here, as long as it's related Rescue Bots, then we may approve it. It is all up to the moderators of what they feel fit is appropiate for this community.
Please make sure to contact either of us by PM on LJ. We won't respond to other respondences for this community.

6. Please read this about media before posting:
a. any media may be posted that relates to Transformers: Rescue Bots as long as it's placed under a locked members-only post
b. please have the media uploaded to a site that the download link doesn't die after a certain timeframe and a trusted source (please use such sites as mediafire, filesare, uploading, etc...)
c. please do not request media under non-locked posts or inappropriate places (such as threads that do not pertain to it)
d. you are welcome to create your own media posts, but please make sure they follow the rules

7. Fanworks can be posted, but under these conditions:

Fanart (and other pictures): if you absolutely must have a preview pic, please keep the image under 300 x 200 pixels. The full size image and rest must be under an lj-cut.


Please make sure to lj-cut the fic if you are going to post it directly, otherwise, we prefer you link it to another site!

Other fan works (i.e. cosplay, crafts, etc...): Please use the same as the above. Just make sure that it's tagged appropiately.

8. Tag, tag, tag!!! We will not tolerate non-tagged posts. They will be removed without question. We also will not tag lj-users individually in this community. This community is for all users. If you do not see an appropriate tag for your post, please let one of us moderators know. We will have a request! tag option as well that you can tag your post with. Us moderators have lives.

9. Intro posts are not necessarily needed. We don't encourage intro posts here, but if you feel the need to; then go a head. Also, we will be hosting official friending meme's so please don't do it. This is the only warning.

10. These are basic rules for now. We will make up new rules and enforce them if we see is neccissary and fit to this community.

. Your Moderators .

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